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Born to a family from Charentes in France, he was a sport teacher who was also a bachelor of philosophy, quite a good rugbyman, a weightlifter and painter ; this is the profile of this exceptional man.

He was born on March 21th 1911 in Bizerte and died on December 20th 1994.

He first followed classical studies in a very thorough way :
- PhD in philosophy,
- law studies,
- medical school.

He came into contact with great naturopaths and humanists of his days, first in the USA : Lutz, Mac-Fadden, Krishnamurti then in France : Carton, Mono, Dr Georges Rouhet, Edmond Desbonnet ; that’s how he continued his studies and developped his synthesis called orthodox naturopathy.

This synthesis consists in a mixture of the skills developped by all these illustrious masters, with the aim of restoring the patient’s vital force, which allows his body to recover naturally ; we call it self-recovery.

As often in such cases, an ordeal in his family caused him to put his knowledge into practice : his son in law was declared lost by official medicine (leukemia) ; he healed him within 2 years. As a result, a lot of people came to be treated by him. He felt obliged to go all around the country to treat people and to use his skills, then he went all around the world with the Naturopaths World Federation (a group of 46 countries in 1995).

He founded the first free university of naturopathy in 1935 in Paris, then he generously and unreservedly dispensed the principles of naturopathy, by his advice, his method and his books. He dedicated his life to it for 60 years.

 He is considered as the one who trained almost all the present heads of the French Naturopathy Schools.

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